Practice Melodies for Ordinaries on Feb 13th (Mass IX)

Here are some practice audios for the Ordinaries this Thursday. The pace is a bit faster than the initial practice post, so go through it a couple of times in order to become comfortable with it. You can practice in solfege, then switch to the Latin. I hope to do a separate post for theContinue reading “Practice Melodies for Ordinaries on Feb 13th (Mass IX)”

Ordinaries for Feb 13th

I’m sorry I had to cancel the Beginner’s Schola class on Jan 30th, but I hope the videos in this post will help you prepare on your own. We will be working primarily with Mass IX (Cum jubilo), which is used for solemnities and feasts of Our Lady. The Mass that will be offered onContinue reading “Ordinaries for Feb 13th”