A brief history of music notation

I mentioned a little about the development of notation last week and thought you might find this video interesting.  Keep in mind that chant existed through oral tradition before notation was created, so listening to chant is very important to learning. (side note:  some of the pronunciations are a bit off, but the narrator actuallyContinue reading “A brief history of music notation”

May 10th – Ascension Thursday

Reminder:  Class will be held in the Youth Room (bottom floor) in Founder’s Hall.  Let me know if you plan to join us after attending the 7pm Mass at St. Monica’s. Here is what to expect: We will begin with the Pater Noster, for which I will hand out the music, but I will notContinue reading “May 10th – Ascension Thursday”

History of Solfege

We will be using solfege throughout the course in order to warm up our voices and to become comfortable with the melodies (though probably not as thoroughly as we did on the first day).  With that, you may be interested in learning a little more about the history of solfege.  Here is a fun videoContinue reading “History of Solfege”

Getting ready for the first class…

It may be helpful to have a idea of what to expect for our first class on May 3rd.  We will have two prayers through which the basics for chant and Latin pronunciation will be introduced.  The first is the Ave Maria, which many of you are probably familiar with.  Here is a video toContinue reading “Getting ready for the first class…”