Here are a few links that you might find helpful:   – St. Monica Catholic Church – Beaver Falls, PA  – St. Blaise Catholic Church – Midland, PA  – Church Music Association – providing resources, as well as information about workshops around the country to assist others in offering traditional Sacred music for the liturgy (chant and polyphony)  –  they host a workshop every summer at Duquesne University, which I highly encourage Music Association blog – conversations on all things related to Church music – “Views from the Choir Loft” – reflections related to the Roman Liturgy and Sacred Music Institute of Catholic Culture – an adult education resource with a vast library of lectures on pretty much everything pertaining to the Catholic Church from both the Eastern and the Western perspectives.  You will need to become a member by submitting your email address, but the extra step is worth it.

Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast – listen to discussions and interviews on everything regarding the sacred music of the Church.

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