Friday – Fourth Week of Lent

Hey everyone, There are a few adjustments we will make in order to better fit with the Living Stations.  The  preparation class is being moved to one of the classrooms on the bottom floor of Founders Hall so that we wont have to move in the middle of practice.  There will be signs to helpContinue reading “Friday – Fourth Week of Lent”

Friday in Lent – Eve of the Annunciation

Warning: we have a very exciting Friday Vespers this week! Not only is it “First Vespers for the Feast of the Annunciation” (the feast is on Saturday, so the Divine Office helps us to enter into the mystery of the holy day by preparing the night before), but we will also be praying Mary’s CanticleContinue reading “Friday in Lent – Eve of the Annunciation”

Friday in Lent – Week 2

Great job, once again, with Vespers last Friday!  I actually think the melodies and Psalms for this week are going to be a little easier than our prior experiences, so you will probably catch on quickly. This week, we will begin singing the Our Father in Latin instead of English.  Many of you are probablyContinue reading “Friday in Lent – Week 2”

Friday in Lent – Week 1

Hello all! Well done at last week’s Vespers service!  Everyone seems to have picked up on things pretty quickly. This week will be very similar, so if something didn’t quite sink in, you will have a second chance before we add a new challenge.  The parts that will change are the Psalms (we will beContinue reading “Friday in Lent – Week 1”