Advent Update

Happy New Liturgical Year!!! Unfortunately, we are not able to organize sung Vespers at St. Monica and St. Blaise this season.   With praying Vespers during Advent and Lent for the past 3 years, I’m going to miss coming together to chant the psalms, along with meditating on the O Antiphons in preparation for the birthContinue reading “Advent Update”

Illuminated Requiem exhibit/presentation at St. Blaise

The last opportunity to see the Illuminated Requiem exhibit will be this Wednesday, Nov 20th at St. Blaise.  The exhibit has been visiting different locations throughout the month of November, seeking to assist in prayer for the deceased.  Join us at 6pm for the presentation, exploring the content of the prayers of the Requiem Mass. Continue reading “Illuminated Requiem exhibit/presentation at St. Blaise”

Schola prep – just some extra help with singing

We have not focused on the specifics of singing in the past – largely because I am not trained in this area, but also because praying through chant does not require a soloist voice.  It is a little different when seeking to sing for the Liturgy though.  In this case, the extra effort in trainingContinue reading “Schola prep – just some extra help with singing”

Eucharistic Prayers

Tomorrow, we will be learning a few prayers that can help to focus the mind and heart in times of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.  In preparation, you might enjoy this article from the Dominicans in Washington D.C., which is a beautiful reflection on the significance of Christ choosing to retain the appearance of breadContinue reading “Eucharistic Prayers”

First day of Intro Series / Queenship of Mary

Happy Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary! It is such a great day to begin our Intro to Chant series; under the heavenly mantel of our Blessed Mother.  We will finish the evening singing the Salve Regina – you can practice with this recording if you are not familiar with it: YouContinue reading “First day of Intro Series / Queenship of Mary”

Intro to Chant for Personal Prayer

Hello all! As I mentioned previously, we will be offering an “Intro to Chant for Personal Prayer” series beginning next Thursday (August 22nd) from 7 – 8:30 pm.  The classes will be held at St. Blaise in the parish office, which is in the building closest to the Church.  Many of you have already participatedContinue reading “Intro to Chant for Personal Prayer”

Christ Is Risen!

Well done, everyone!  It has been a great blessing to pray with all of you throughout this past Lenten season. I would hate to restrict our experience of chant to the penitential seasons, so here is a little “bonus chant”  that is worth learning.  To express the joy of our Lord’s resurrection, the Marian AntiphonContinue reading “Christ Is Risen!”

Just a fun find…

I am currently preparing for the Communion chant during the Easter Vigil (you may have noticed the Latin/English translation on the Easter Vigil handout) and stumbled across this fun find. First, here is the video that I am using to help prepare: As I was searching for videos, I came across the same chant thatContinue reading “Just a fun find…”

Tenebrae: Canticle of Zachariah

The melody for the Canticle of Zachariah is more elaborate than the psalm tones, so  I thought it would be easiest to do the antiphon and the canticle in the same post. First the antiphon – here it is in solfege: …and with the words: For the canticle itself, keep in mind that the cantorContinue reading “Tenebrae: Canticle of Zachariah”

Tenebrae: Antiphon Melodies

If you have been attending Vespers, it wont take too long for you to catch on with the Tenebrae service this Good Friday.  The cantor will sing the antiphon (and the first verse of the psalm so that you can hear the melody), followed by the two sides singing the psalm/canticle antiphonally (though be sureContinue reading “Tenebrae: Antiphon Melodies”

New hymn for Wednesday (Holy Week)

Just a heads up for everyone taking part in Vespers at St. Monica’s this Wednesday: with our move into Holy Week, the hymn we are singing will be different than the hymn during Lent.  It’s a little tricky, so I put together some practice audios.  Try singing each verse a couple of times – itContinue reading “New hymn for Wednesday (Holy Week)”