Preparation for Easter

Hey everyone.

I know this has been a particularly difficult Lent, and it is with great sadness that we anticipate Easter Sunday without the full joy of being present in the liturgical celebrations. This is a time in which our small efforts will make a big difference in our ability to take part in the most significant day of the year.

With this in mind, you might be interested in these tools for learning the Introit for the Mass on Easter Sunday. The practice might be a helpful addition to your quarantine schedule, and it will provide a means for your voice and heart to unite in expressing the beauty of the day.

Here is the translation:

Introit. (Ps. 138: 18, 5, 6) I arose, and am still with You, alleluia; You rest Your hand upon Me, alleluia. v. (Ps. 138: 1, 2) O Lord, You have probed me and You know Me; You know when I sit and when I stand. Glory be… I arose, and am still with You…

The chant audio:

And the music:

I recommend learning primarily with the help of the audio, as well as practicing at least a few sections in solfege to try to sing the melody on your own.

Also, I would encourage you to consider reading the whole psalm (139 in most bibles, 138 in the Douay-Rheims) before you sing the chant on Easter morning. It offers a beautiful meditation on one’s relationship with God and His continual presence – even His entering in the midst of our darkness.

Lastly, be reassured that your prayer/chant on Sunday is truly not in isolation – you are witnessed by our Divine Lord, along with His angels and His saints. Allow this moment to be an opportunity to offer a small contribution to the Eternal Celebration.

Wishing you all a safe and prayerful Holy Week and a joyful Feast of the Resurrection!

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