Practice Audios for the Apparition of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

Here are the audios to help practice the propers. I am not a pianist, but they should still be good enough to give your voice a feel for the melodies. Go through it with your solfege sheet until it becomes comfortable, then sing it with the Latin. I also included an audio of simply speaking the Latin to help with pronunciation.


Introit – after the Entrance hymn – Cantor intones, schola sings from the asterisk to the double bars. For the psalm verse and the Gloria Patri, the cantor begins and the schola joins in at the asterisk. After the “Amen,” everyone repeats the full Introit antiphon.

Vidi civitatem


Tract – after the Gradual/before the Gospel (instead of the Alleluia – if you are wondering why, here is an article explaining “pre-Lent”: Septuagesima to Quardragesima) Cantor intones, schola sings from the asterisk to the double bar. Cantor sings the two verses with the schola singing again at the asterisk on pg 2.

Tu gloria


Offertory – after the homily – Cantor intones, schola begins at the asterisk and sings to the end.

Ave gratia


Communion – Cantor intones, schola begins at the asterisk. Cantor will sing two verses from the psalm, schola sings the full antiphon, repeating as needed.

Visitasti terram



I will put together a post with melody audios for the Ordinaries which I hope to share by Monday.

Also, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the translations so that you know what we are singing. If you would like to look through the prayers and readings for the Mass, you can find the Latin with the English translation here (put in 2-11-2020 for the date if it is not already there). The image at the top of this post relates to the meditations within the Mass that day.

Happy practicing!

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