Ordinaries for Feb 13th

I’m sorry I had to cancel the Beginner’s Schola class on Jan 30th, but I hope the videos in this post will help you prepare on your own. We will be working primarily with Mass IX (Cum jubilo), which is used for solemnities and feasts of Our Lady. The Mass that will be offered on Feb 13th will be a Vigil Mass for the Apparition of the Immaculate Virgin Mary (aka Our Lady of Lourdes). You are probably already familiar with our singing format, but I will add little notes to the videos to refresh your memory.

Kyrie – cantor will sing the first kyrie, schola will sing the second, with the two alternating throughout the rest of the chant. For the last kyrie, the cantor will sing the beginning half and the schola will join at the double asterisks **.

Gloria (Mass VIII – missa de angelis) – We will be using Mass VIII for the Gloria to help simplify things and to become more familiar with this longer chant. At some point, we will change the Gloria with the different Mass that we are singing, but for the time being I think it is best to stick with one. Previously, I believe we alternated cantor/schola at the double bars, but I would like us to try with the everyone singing the full chant together (Fr. will intone). Please familiarize yourself with the Latin pronunciation – we will also sing this at a bit of a quicker pace.

Sanctus – cantor intones, schola joins in at the asterisk and sings through to the end.

Angus Dei – cantor sings each of the “Angus Dei,” schola sings at the asterisk, stopping at the double bar.

We will brush up on these chants on Feb 6th and then focus on learning the Propers. I will also post practice videos to help with that (though they will not be as well produced as these).

Thank you for taking part!

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