An Advent Hymn for the 13th

I just happened to come across a beautiful meditation on the Rorate Caeli, an Advent Hymn which the schola will sing after the Communion verse on the 13th. Here is a recording of the chant to help you become familiar:

The meditation is from the Dominicana Journal (click the link to read), reflecting on the content of the hymn, as well as providing a great example of “word painting” in chant.  As Br. Damian describes in the article:

With the first word of the Church’s pleading, the imperative Roráte, the notes move upward reaching the highest pitch on heavens (caéli). From heaven’s heights, the chant descends downward with the hoped for dewfall (désuper), rising slightly to the clouds (núbes) from which the notes rain forth with justice (plúant jústum).

I hope you have a chance to read the article in full.  See you on Wednesday!

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