Schola prep – just some extra help with singing

We have not focused on the specifics of singing in the past – largely because I am not trained in this area, but also because praying through chant does not require a soloist voice.  It is a little different when seeking to sing for the Liturgy though.  In this case, the extra effort in training our voices to be able to express the syllables and notes with clarity is of greater importance.  You do not need to have a great voice to be in a schola (which is a place of learning – mastery is not required), but it is good to have the desire to improve.

Luckily, we live in an age with YouTube, which offers a seemingly infinite number of opportunities to learn for beginners.  Here is a helpful video with just some basics about using your voice.   I will continue to share videos in this area from time to time, so click the “follow” link if you would like to receive a notice in your email.  Also, feel free to recommend any videos that you find particularly helpful.  See you soon!


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