Joy/Sorrow Practice Videos

Great job with learning the Te Deum and Lux Aeterna!  As I mentioned, I would not expect to master a chant the first time it is introduced.  Often, you need a night to let things sink in, forget some things, then restudy it, (and repeat).  By this, you develop what you have learned in order to move from simply trying to sing the right syllables and melodies to become words that are expressed with beauty from the heart.

Also – I have a confession: I found two typos in the Te Deum handout; which makes for a fun test  : )

Here is a video of the chant being sung antiphonally (two sides alternate at the double bars); can you find the typos?

You can download a correct pdf of the chant here:


Hopefully there will be a chance to sing it at the end of the year for an opportunity to obtain a plenary indulgence.  You might also be interested in this article, which I found helpful in developing a greater appreciating for this somewhat arduous but incredibly valuable chant.

And here is a practice video for the Lux Aeterna:

The chant is only the first 50 seconds, then continues to the post communion and finishing with the Requiescant in pace.  I hope that in committing the chant to heart, you will not only be able to use it for your own prayer, but also be able to unite with the prayer more fully when you encounter it in the Mass.


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