Eucharistic Prayer Videos

Great job last Thursday! I just wanted to share a few videos to help with practicing the chants that were introduced.

You’ll notice in this recording of the Ave Verum, the schola is singing antiphonally; one side chants the line to the double bar, then the other side chants to the next double bar.  This not only preserves the voice (monks an nuns do a lot of chanting throughout the day) but also allows an opportunity to meditate in the midst of the prayer – incorporating both singing and listening into the act of turning one’s heart towards God.


And here is a practice video of the Hymn to the Sacred Heart:

If you’re curious about the connection between Our Lord in the Eucharist with His Sacred Heart, here is an article about a miracle in 2008.

I hope these prayers help to strengthen your relationship with Our Lord in His gift of the Eucharist.

Next week is our last class in this series.   We will be learning two prayers – one for times of joy and the other for times of sorrow.  Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested.

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