Tomorrow: Marian Prayers

In our second session of this Intro to Chant series, we will get to know some Marian Prayers that will be helpful throughout the year; the Marian Antiphons.  If you joined us for Vespers during Advent and Lent, then you are already familiar with two of them.  They all have at least two versions: Simple or Solemn Tone.  In public prayer, if it is a situation where all are invited to sing, then the Simple Tone will be used (after Vespers or as the recessional for Mass).  If it is a period of time when others are meditating in prayer (communion hymn), then the more elaborate Solemn Tone can be used.  In private prayer, it is helpful to have both as options so you can evaluate which would be most appropriate for what your heart is expressing.  Although the Solemn Tone might be a bit tricky when you first start out with chant, it is a great way to begin learning how to sing more elaborate melodies because you already know the Latin.

Here is a helpful article, explaining what an “Antiphon” actually is and how these Marian Prayers became identified as the Antiphon for the season .

Also, here is an example of the Salve Regina in the Solemn Tone.  According to the info, these newly tonsured FSSP seminarians are offering the prayer in thanksgiving to Our Lady for her intercession leading up to that day.  You will notice that the Solemn Tone melody is accompanied by a “drone,” giving the melody an additionally beautiful counterbalance.

I hope you can join us tomorrow!


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