Tenebrae: Canticle of Zachariah

The melody for the Canticle of Zachariah is more elaborate than the psalm tones, so  I thought it would be easiest to do the antiphon and the canticle in the same post.

First the antiphon – here it is in solfege:


…and with the words:


For the canticle itself, keep in mind that the cantor will sing the first verse solo in order for everyone can hear the melody.  Then the low voice side will have the even # verses and the higher voices will have the odd #.


When you feel comfortable, try going through the canticle, then sing the antiphon.  You’re moving from sol (the last note of the canticle) to do (the first note of the antiphon), so getting that relationship right is important.  A way to check is to pay close attention to “peace” (last word in the canticle) – it should sound/feel the same as “his” in the antiphon.


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