What is Tenebrae?

We will be offering Tenebrae at St. Blaise on Good Friday, so I thought it would be helpful to share a video provided by Wyoming Catholic College.   The video presents a sense of Tenebrae before the changes that were made to the Divine Office a bit before Vatican II.  While many have experienced a Tenebrae service composed of gospel readings and hymns relevant to our Lord’s passion, providing a valuable opportunity for meditation, we will be offering a service closer to the original, rooted in the Liturgy of the Hours.

Tenebrae is essentially composed of  Matins (the Office of Readings – containing 3 “nocturns”: psalm/reading and lesson) and Lauds (morning prayer: Psalm / Canticle of Habakkuk / Psalm / Benedictus [Canticle of Zachariah]).  It will probably take us around an hour. It will primarily be in English, with a verse in Latin at the end.   Although it is a bit more challenging than Vespers, I believe it will be very accessible to anyone who has taken part thus far, and a beautiful prayer experience for any new comer.

We will have an intro/practice class on Saturday (April 13th) at 6pm in St. Blaise parish office.  I will post practice videos after that Saturday so that you can prepare throughout the week.  Tenebrae will begin at 8pm on Good Friday.  I hope you can join us!

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