Extra help with the Canticle of Mary for Weeks I and III

The Canticle of Mary in weeks I and III is a bit more tricky than the other melodies we encounter, so I thought it would be helpful to offer an additional  audio to build on what we already learned in Getting to know the Psalm Tones:  Weeks I and III.  While we practiced the melody using solfege in the “Getting to know…” post, the podatus (the two ascending notes on the second syllable) and clivis (the two descending notes on the second-to-last syllable) in the melody tends to trip people up. These notes correspond with the non-italic, underlined syllables in the verse.

Here is an audio of the Canticle, sung with the melody… I tried to retain the rhythm that occurs when we sing it antiphonally (pause at the * and a minimal break between lines), which made me a bit light headed.  To avoid this, you might want to practice singing along with every other line.  When we sing Vespers together, the higher voices will have the first verse, and the lower voices will have the second verse, alternating back and forth throughout the rest of the Canticle.  Feel free to focus on the verses that you will be singing.  After going through it a couple of times, try to sing the Canticle without the audio at your own pace.

Microsoft Word - Document1

Also, if you have a question or if you would like to see a post about a particular topic, please feel free to make a suggestion through the Contact page.  It is likely that if one person has a question, others are probably wondering the same thing.  I’m happy to do a little extra homework   : )

Have a great week!



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