3rd Sunday of Advent and O Antiphons

Hey everyone!

Here is the schedule for this week:

Gaudete Sunday (16th) at St. Monica’s – 6:30 prep class, followed by 7:30 Vespers

Monday (17th) through Sunday (23rd) at St. Blaise – starting at 7:30 each evening, we will have a brief reflection on the Old Testament title for the Messiah presented in the O Antiphon of that evening, followed by Vespers.  …there will be no prep class on these days, but please feel free to invite someone new – it wont be too difficult to catch on.

…It’s a pretty busy schedule, but I hope these opportunities will be beneficial in offering a moment to pause from the demands of the season to refocus on the source of our joy.

Why are we not doing Vespers on Christmas Eve?  An interesting thing about Sundays and Solemnities is that the celebration is so important in the life of the Church that we actually have two Vespers for these days …1st Vespers is prayed the evening before (Saturday evening is always 1st Vespers for Sunday), and 2nd Vespers is prayed the evening of the feast day.  This way, we begin meditating on the celebration the night before to allow our minds and hearts to fully enter into the mystery and joy of the day.  Thus, the evening of December 24th is actually no longer Advent because it is 1st Vespers for the Nativity of Our Lord.

…Also, the Church is crazy busy with the Vigil Mass(es) and everything, so trying to do Vespers as a group on the 24th would simply be impossible.

If you are interested in continuing to pray Vespers (or any of the other Liturgical Hours) on your own, here is an easy resource to get started:  https://universalis.com/index.htm

Lastly – just a reminder – you can find practice videos for the Pater Noster and the Alma Redemptoris Mater here.

I hope you can join us!


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