May 10th – Ascension Thursday

Reminder:  Class will be held in the Youth Room (bottom floor) in Founder’s Hall.  Let me know if you plan to join us after attending the 7pm Mass at St. Monica’s.

Here is what to expect:

We will begin with the Pater Noster, for which I will hand out the music, but I will not specifically teach it because many are already familiar with the prayer and melody.  Here is a practice video though if you want to brush up:

Also, we will go over the Solemn Tone of the Regina Caeli which I introduced last week:

…You may have noticed the way they handle the Strophicus with the ictus (three notes with that little vertical line under the last one) is different from how I presented it (with a subtle pulse) – which may mean that they did not have the ictus written in their version of the chant, or simply that it is the way the conductor interprets the notes.   There is room for variation – the main point is for multiple voices to sing it with the same approach in order to blend into one.

Lastly, in honor of the Holy Day – we will be learning the Communion Verse, Psallite Domino, which is taken from Psalm 67.

…If you were wondering what I was talking about with chant “dragging,” here is an example:

…but it can also be done way too fast:

…this is just right (in my opinion):

Again, none of these examples are “wrong,” they are all well done with multiple voices joining in praise of Our Lord – the difference is in the style of the conductor and personal preference.

See ya on Thursday!

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