A little context for Matins…

We have a lot of ground to cover during our 7-7:45 preparation class on Good Friday, and I would hate for our focus on the chants to prevent us from engaging with the heart of the prayer.  I will offer some notes as we go along, but for a better understanding of what we are doing, here are a couple of lectures to inform our meditation for the first half of Tenebrae.

1st Nocturn – the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah

…a great talk providing the context of the Lamentations and introduction to the prophet Jeremiah.


2nd Nocturn – Psalm 22 and a reading from St. John Chrysostom

…not specifically about St. John Chrysostom, but he is mentioned, and it thoroughly explores the significance of “the Lamb without blemish” – I highly recommend finding time to listen to this talk on Holy Thursday


3rd Nocturn – the Reproaches

…I know, a three-part lecture seems excessive, but within the reading and the Reproaches, we are essentially looking at the relationship between God and His people, for which we need understand what He did through Israel – and how He made them to be a light to all the nations.  Even if you don’t have time to watch these before Good Friday, I would still encourage you to watch the videos when you can.


You can find all of these talks at the Institute of Catholic Culture – they also post handouts if you would like the extra notes on these topics.

Also – if after going through the practice posts for the Antiphons, Reproaches, and the Benedictus, you find that you still have questions or need some extra help, please feel free to message me via the contact page.

Have a prayerful Holy Week!

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