Antiphon melodies

Why do we solfege?  It is the best way for us to both learn each note of the melody with accuracy, as well as strengthen our ability to learn chants in the future.

Thus, I provided the melody with the solfege underneath, and then included an audio that you can practice with.  Listen as you sing to see if you are hitting the right pitch for each note (sorry guys – I know it’s a bit more tricky for you to follow a female voice).  When you are comfortable with the melody, use your handout for the words to the sing the full antiphon on your own.

1st Nocturne – Antiphon for Psalm 2



2nd Nocturne – Antiphon for Psalm 21



Lauds – Antiphon for Psalm 50



Antiphon for the Canticle of Habakkuk



Antiphon for Psalm 147



I will go over the Antiphon with the Benedictus in the next post.  Enjoy!

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