What is Tenebrae?

We have begun our preparation for Tenebrae, which will be on Good Friday, so I thought I would share a video provided by Wyoming Catholic College.   The video presents a sense of Tenebrae before the changes that were made to the Divine Office around the time of Vatican II. Many churches currently offer what is essentially “Lessons and Carols +candles,” (the director choosing readings and hymns that seem appropriate) which is valuable for prayerful meditation, but detached from the Liturgy of the Hours.

We will be offering what is closer to the original service, based on Matins (composed of 3 “nocturns”: psalm/reading and lesson) and Lauds (morning prayer: Psalm/Canticle of Habakkuk/Psalm/Benedictus [Canticle of Zachariah]) – it will probably take around an hour.  Although it is a bit more challenging than Vespers, I believe it will be very accessible to anyone who has taken part thus far, and a beautiful prayer experience for any new comer.

I will post more practice videos as we go along.  I hope you can join us!

…don’t forget to check out the previous post for help with the Magnificat.

See ya soon!

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