Magnificat Pronunciation

We introduced the Canticle of Mary in Latin this past Friday, which we will continue using for the remaining Lenten Vespers.  Although the melody will change each week, getting a handle on the pronunciation will make a world of difference.  Here is a wonderful video I came across to help with this endeavor:

[Please note: there are two approaches to pronouncing “hi,” (hee/kee) which we encounter in “mihi” – meehee/meekee  …I was taught to express it as “kee,” which is just a way to give crisp expression to the “h,” so that is the approach we will be using.]

Once you are comfortable with the pronunciation, try singing along with the monks(?) in this video:

[…note the change in rhythm from entering into the line, on the reciting note, then easing into the melody at the end of the line.  Also, we will be chanting with a slightly faster rhythm in general, which is partially due the acoustics in the Cemetery Chapel.]


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