We are coming up to Friday in the Third Week of Lent; half-way through our time in the desert (there are five weeks in Lent, not including Holy Week).  This Friday, we will be meeting at St. Mary’s Cemetery Chapel for the Prep class at 6, and with Vespers starting at 7:15ish (I’m aiming to finish the class by 7:10 to give us some quiet time before praying).  We have quite a bit on our plate during the class:  we will begin singing Mary’s Canticle (the Magnificat) in Latin, so we will go over the pronunciation and a slightly more challenging melody.

For a deeper understanding of the context of this beautiful song of Our Blessed Mother, here is a link to a talk from the Institute of Catholic Culture as a part of their Sunday Gospel Reflection series (I recommend subscribing to their SGR email list if you are looking for a way to prepare for Sunday Mass each week).  This video reflects on the reading for the Third Sunday of Advent from last year, which includes the Magnificat in the Responsorial Psalm.  Some helpful questions the video will answer: How is the Jubilee Year related to Christ?  What was the expectation of Israel in the time of Mary?  Who is Hannah?  …If you can answer these questions, you will be able to not only pray Mary’s Canticle with her words, but also with the perspective of her heart.

During the class, will also begin preparing for Tenebrae, which will be on Good Friday at 8pm.  I will post the flyer later in the week – feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested.

I hope you can join us on Friday!

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