To sum up…

Thank you all for taking part in praying Vespers during this Advent season!  I just wanted to share a closing reflection, also taken from The Seven Bells of Bethlehem:

Giving an overview of the Antiphon titles: “As Wisdom He is known to us through His teaching.  As Adonai (Lord), His personal identity is revealed as God.  He is Root of Jesse insofar as God has assumed our human nature, inherited a genealogy.  The Key of David explains why He became man: to unlock the gates of salvation.  The Rising Sun, tells us how.  He is the Desire of Nations inasmuch as His victory is the principle of unity and peace.  He is for us Emmanuel because, as God-with-us, His achievement of redemption is forever.”

The very sequence of these titles is also significant.  “Taking in reverse the initial letters of their Latin originals – Emmanuel; Rex; Oriens; Clavis; Radix; Adonai; Sepientia – we discover the acrostic, ERO CRAS: ‘Tomorrow I will come!’  It is the Lord’s hidden response to all who wait for Him; to those who longed for Him during the course of their Christian life.  It is the echo of His ultimate promise at the end of the Apocalypse – ‘Surely I am coming soon’ (Rev 22:20).”


It was a blessing to pray with you all.  Have a joyful Christmas!

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