Why pray the Psalms?

The Liturgy of the Hours is the means by which the Church has continued the prayer life God established through Israel. In praying the Psalms (poetry which Jesus, Mary, and every other member of Israel would have memorized and prayed regularly), we ask God to prepare us as He did His chosen people, learning to go to Him in the joys and sorrows of life.

Yet, simply jumping into the Psalms can be intimidating and even confusing without preparation.  For a better foundation in understanding, here is a lecture presented by the Institute of Catholic Culture  entitled: “Sing to the Lord a New Song: An Advent Journey through the Psalms.”  The first half of the talk is given by Dr. Reinhard, discussing the poetic structure that you will encounter.  The second half is given by Deacon Carnazzo (now a priest in the Melkite Catholic Church), providing a deeper scriptural context.  I recommend visiting their website and becoming a member (all you have to do is provide your email address – don’t worry, they wont spam you) to have full access to other worthwhile talks. They also have an app if you would prefer to listen on your phone.

I hope you can join us on December 3rd!

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