Friday in Lent – Week 5

We made it to the last week of Lent!  You may find this Vespers service pretty accessible considering we already encountered this set of Psalms and we will be using the same Magnificat melody that we learned the first time we sang it in Latin – you can go back to the post from the Eve of the Annunciation to refresh your memory – I’m appreciating this second chance to sing it well.

We will be meeting in the youth group room in Founder’s Hall again.  We will also continue practicing for Tenebrae, which I am hoping will give us a pretty good handle on everything.   The practice class on Good Friday will be from 7 – 7:45pm, which takes into consideration the longer service and the aim of trying not to over-tax our voices.  The class on Good Friday will be held in Mary’s room.

I was happy with what we covered last Friday in practicing for Tenebrae.  Here are the antiphons, followed by a recording of the melody if you would like to reinforce what we went over.








See you on Friday!


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