Friday in Lent – Eve of the Annunciation

Warning: we have a very exciting Friday Vespers this week! Not only is it “First Vespers for the Feast of the Annunciation” (the feast is on Saturday, so the Divine Office helps us to enter into the mystery of the holy day by preparing the night before), but we will also be praying Mary’s Canticle (the Magnificat) in Latin.

During the practice session, we will be spending most of our time learning a hymn particular for the feast day, and becoming comfortable with the Latin pronunciation and melody for the Magnificat.  Here is a practice video that you may find helpful – you can follow the notation and words under the video as it plays:


  1. Ma-gní-ficat * ánima méa Dó-minum.
  2. Et ex-sultálvit spí-ritus us * in Déo salutári mé-o.
  3. Qui-a respéxit humilitátem ancíllae ae: * ecce enim ex hoc beátam me dícent ómnes generati-ó-nes.
  4. Qui-a fécit míhi mágna qui tens est : * et sánctum nómen é-jus.
  5. Et mi-sericórdia éjus a progénie in progénies * timéntibus é-um.
  6. Fé-cit poténtiam in bráchio suo : * dispérsit supérbos ménte córdis sú-i.
  7. De-pó-suit poténtes de de, * et exaltávit hú-miles.
  8. E-su-riéntes implévit nis : * et dívites dimísit in-á-nes.
  9. Su-scé-pit Israel erum um, * recordátus misericórdiae sú-ae.
  10. Si-cut locútus est ad tres stros, * Abraham et sémini éjus in saé-cula.
  11. Gló-ri-a tri, et Filio, * et Spirítui Sán-cto.
  12. Si-cut érat in princípio, et núnc, et sémper, * et in saécula saeculórum. A-men.

We will continue singing the Pater Noster and Ave Regina Caelorum in Latin, so feel free to check out those practice videos in the previous posts if you need some extra help.

See you on Friday!


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