Friday in Lent – Week 1

Hello all!

Well done at last week’s Vespers service!  Everyone seems to have picked up on things pretty quickly. This week will be very similar, so if something didn’t quite sink in, you will have a second chance before we add a new challenge.  The parts that will change are the Psalms (we will be praying Psalm 41 and 46 if you would like to become familiar with it before Friday – the Canticles will be the same) and the Intercessions, along with the melodies for the Psalms and Canticles.

Also, I plan to start the Ave Regina Caelorum one note lower to make the high notes a little more accessible.  I started on a “F” last week, but the starting note this week will be an “E” (the recording in the previous post starts on a F#).

Don’t have a piano or keyboard to hear the notes?  You can go to to pick out the starting note to practice – it gives you the letter with the note, so you can figure it out even if you don’t have any previous piano experience.

Also, if you would like some homework, here are the melodies we will be using for the psalms:


(Please excuse the fuzziness – if you only knew my fight with the scanner…)

If you are picking the notes out on the piano, it will be as follows:

  • VIIIg – G, F#, E, D * E, C, E, D
  • IIA – G, F#, E, G * G, F#, E
  • Va – G, A, E * D, C, E

Have a great week everyone!



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